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IRC Network:

Welcome to the Neohorizon Network. A chat network dedicated to open source discussion groups and technical chat.

Join Neohorizon as we celebrate over 10 years of operation. To access our system, click on the link below or use any IRC client (i.e. mIRC or xChat) and connect to irc.nhn.net port 6667.

Connect to the Neohorizon Network.

Linking information:

If you would like to become a Neohorizon Leaf or Hub Server, join channel #neohorizon and speak with one of our IRCops. The Operator will explain the details, and verify that you meet the qualifications.

Basic linking requirements for server:
  • High speed connection (Upload needs to be >= 1.54Mbps).
  • Unix\Linux\BSD based server.
  • At least 3 pre screened IRCops.

Any network problems or questions can be directed to help@nhn.net

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