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The Neohorizon Network team has been involved with a wide range of projects over the years. Some of the more current projects can be seen below.

Neohorizon Network: Created in 1997, Neohorizon developed a friendly IRC chat community that could be accessed from all over the world. During this time, some of the Neohorizon Network developers were working on UnrealIRCD, SolarStats and NeoStats (UnrealIRCD is one of the most popular IRCDs in the world). The Neohorizon Network continuities to this day as it approaches its 10 year anniversary. This system can be accessed with any IRC client.

Cydonia Radio: Cydonia Radio was created in the mist of the Internet music revolution. This system allowed users to broadcast their music play lists directly to the world. Cydonia Radio came before the creation of PodCast and utilized the ShoutCast application. DJs and mix artists were able to create an account, direct their stream to the Cydonia server, and then DJ + voice over in real time.

SFUNDERGROUNDER: This system is an update to the Cydonia Radio ShoutCast server and uses PodCast technology. DJs are able to submit mixed sets for subscribed users to listen too. SFUNDERGROUNDER is free to use.

REMAGINE: Neohorizons sister company. REMAGINE's core technology was developed by the Neohorizon Network. When Neohorizon changed its focus to research and development, services such as web design were transferred to REMAGINE. REMAGINE offers a wide variety of services such as software development, on-site consulting, network design, system analysis and repair, web design, graphic creation, music composition and site hosting. Whether your business is small or large, REMAGINE can custom tailor to your needs.

Neohorizon - Open Technology Wiki: The Neohorizon Wiki is a wiki like any other wiki but this system is dedicated to open source technology. This is a place where creative minds and technology historians can unload ideas and knowledge. The Neohorizon Wiki is growing each day.

Monetizr: The latest project headed by team REMAGINE and the Neohorizon Network Research and Development Group. This project is still under wraps, but we can say that it will be a Web 2.0 payment integration system.

Dynamo: Dynamo is a system that allows users to update their DNS zone data dynamically and easily. By using Dynamo, users can host web servers and other static applications directly from their home broadband connection. People that have used systems such as ZoneEdit and DynDNS will be accustomed to dynamos mechanics. Dynamo offers a friendly user interface and "no effort" update scripts.

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